New Cosmos-BIE has become a recognised training company.

We are taking on students for internship studying for Service-, Maintenance- and Engineering Technician.

(15-12-2021) New Cosmos-BIE gives opportunities for young students to learn on the job.

New Cosmos launches new XP-3000II series portable detector.

Learn more about our new range of combustible and oxygen Gas Detectors

(16-08-2021) New cosmos replaces the successful XP-3100 range of portable detectors by the XP-3000II series detectors

DeNoVa Detect a New Cosmos USA Company

Learn more about our DeNoVa Detect range of Natural Gas Detectors

(04-03-2021) In the US our range of Natural Gas Detectors are being sold under the DeNoVa Detect brand.

Toyota's new "MIRAI" equipped with New Cosmos in-vehicle hydrogen detectors

Our unique hydrogen sensor brings safety in the new Toyota MIRAI.

(01-03-2021) New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. has started supplying hydrogen detectors for the new "MIRAI" fuel cell vehicle which Toyota Motor Corporation began selling in December 2020.

The New XPS-7 II includes detection of NF3

New Cosmos - BIE launches the 2nd generation of XPS-7 portable detector for the semiconductor industry.

(5-8-2020) The XPS-7 II portable gas detector is specifically designed for the semiconductor industry. With cartridge sensors it is easy to change the target gas.

New Cosmos - BIE reaches out to you

During the fast moving spread of the COVID-19 corona virus we would like to stay in touch with you.

(4-4-2020) Get in touch with the team via e-mail, phone or video. We are ready to support you.