DeNova Detect Gas Alam have detected more than 800 gas leaks.

Aiming to eliminate gas accidents around the world with innovated technology started in Japan.

(21-02-2022) New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Yoshinori Takahashi) has begun supplying DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarms to Con Edison, an energy provider in New York State, U.S.A. since 2019. They have already detected more than 800 gas leaks including serious cases and contributed to the prevention of gas explosion accidents.


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Fire In An Old Building in Celje. Building was destroyed and now don't exists anymore.Background

Currently, explosions caused by gas leaks are a serious problem all over the world.
Not only in developing countries where people are not accustomed to handling gas, but also in the U.S. and Europe, gas leak accidents due to aging pipes have become more frequent in recent years.
Against this backdrop, the gas explosion at an apartment building in New York, USA in 2014, which resulted in many casualties, led to the adoption of our Natural Gas Alarms by Con Edison in 2019.
The gas alarm has already been installed in a number of residences and has detected more than 800 gas leaks, including serious cases, contributing to the prevention of gas explosion accidents.


denova detect product 370About Natural Gas Alarm

We developed the world’s first household gas alarm in the 1960s. Currently, we have about 40% of market share in Japan.
As a result, the number of fatal accidents caused by gas explosions in homes has been reduced to almost zero.
Con Edison has paid attention to the technology of our gas alarms/gas sensors and developed a Natural Gas Alarm for the U.S. market with a network function.



  • Battery-powered, 7-year battery life
  • Detects gas leaks of 10% LEL.
  • Equipped with a communication function to cooperate with firefighters


What We are Aiming for

Since its establishment, New Cosmos Electric has been expanding its business with the strong desire to “eliminate gas accidents around the world”.
In February 2019, we established a wholly owned subsidiary in Chicago, USA, “New Cosmos USA, Inc. to expand our gas alarm business across the U.S. and to other countries around the world where gas accidents occur.