Toyota's new "MIRAI" equipped with New Cosmos in-vehicle hydrogen detectors

Our unique hydrogen sensor brings safety in the new Toyota MIRAI.

(01-03-2021) New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. has started supplying hydrogen detectors for the new "MIRAI" fuel cell vehicle which Toyota Motor Corporation began selling in December 2020.

The New XPS-7 II includes detection of NF3

New Cosmos - BIE launches the 2nd generation of XPS-7 portable detector for the semiconductor industry.

(5-8-2020) The XPS-7 II portable gas detector is specifically designed for the semiconductor industry. With cartridge sensors it is easy to change the target gas.

New Cosmos - BIE reaches out to you

During the fast moving spread of the COVID-19 corona virus we would like to stay in touch with you.

(4-4-2020) Get in touch with the team via e-mail, phone or video. We are ready to support you.

ForzeH2 hydrogen racing team 2nd at Gamma Racing Days

Student team 2nd during the Gamma Racing days in Assen The Netherlands

(18-8-2019) They did it! ForzeH2 2nd at the Gamma Racing Days

New CO2 detector KS-7R

New Cosmos - BIE launches a new CO2 detector based on the existing KS-7 series of fixed diffusion type detectors.

(1-6-2019) The KS-7R CO2 detector is a fixed detector to detect for CO2 in a range of 0-5000ppm. The measuring principle is based on a NDIR ifrared sensor.

New Cosmos USA, Inc. opens in Chicago

NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC CO., LTD. announce the establishment of New Cosmos USA, Inc. in Chicago, U.S.A.

(6-3-2019) NEW COSMOS ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (Listed on JASDAQ under securities code 6824) is proud to announce the establishment of New Cosmos USA, Inc., its wholly-owned subsidiary in Chicago, U.S.A. Operations started from February 1 for marketing gas detectors and alarms in the U.S.