Silane or Silicon tetrahydride (SiH4)


CAS nr.



Measuring ranges

Standard range: 0 - 15 ppm


TLV level (TLV-TWA)

5 ppm


Relative density (compared to air):




  • Silane is used semiconductor industry as a precursor to silicon metal
  • PV photovoltaic manufacturing uses silane for depositing (PECVD)


Are you looking for a gas detection solution for Silane?

New Cosmos offers a variety of Silane gas detectors such as the PS-7 and SH-WAD series of detectors. Portable detectors are the XPS-7 or the XP-703III leak detector.

Silane is highly flammable when coming in contact with air. Very often flame detectors are used for the detection of a silane fires. New Cosmos - BIE rather detects silane before it burns. Low ppm detection has proven itself in preventing fires or explosions at your facility. 


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